О проекте «Послание-онлайн»

фотография Женечки Мечтальона

Hello, world! My name is Jenya the Dreamporter. I am the founder of the international project "Sacred Note". I live in Israel. When I moved here a couple of years ago I got lots of requests from my friends and relatives to deliver notes with prayers to the Western Wall or other shrines of this Holy Land. And the idea of the project was born. I understood that I could help thousands of people all over the world to become closer to the saintly places of Israel.

My blog in Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jenechka_mechtalion/

You can choose one or more sainlty placeswhere you want me to deliver your sacred notes. There is no fix price for that. Everything depends on your desire and abilities.

After the trip I will send a video report to you.

Если у вас есть вопросы — задавайте в чате, который расположен внизу справа.

Each sacred note is confidential. You may trust me. As a social entrepreneur, I know how to deal with such delicate topic as prayers and requests. I was the Head of rehabilitation centre for kids with disorders in Moscow. Below you may watch a short video about it.

Посмотрите интервью канала Mash со мной

Sending your sacred notes to the saintly places, you also donate to charitable foundation by Xenia Bezuglova "Everything's Possible". It helps handicapped people to live full life. «Возможно ВСЁ», который поддерживает людей с инвалидностью, чтобы они жили полной жизнью

Сообщить о появлении Мы сообщим вам когда товар появится на складе. Оставьте, пожалуйста, email, на который хотите получить сообщение.