The Church of Our Lady Angeloktisti (Cyprus)
на Кипре

Any requests

The Church of Our Lady Angeloktisti (Cyprus)
на Кипре

Any requests

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The Church of Our Lady Angeloktisti is one of the few ancient churches at Cyprus. It is located at Kiti near Larnaca. – одна из немногих древнейших церквей о.Кипр. Расположенная в деревушке Кити, около Ларнаки, она привлекает внимание паломников и туристов со всего мира.

Angeloktisti was built in XI century on the ruins of the early Christian church. The "church of angels" is famous for its rarest mosaic depicted Virgin Mary with baby Jesus.

Подобное произведение искусства такого же возраста можно найти всего лишь в одной церкви на Кипре, помимо Ангелоктисти — в церкви Пресвятой Богоматери Канакариас.

Why is it called "the Church of Angels"?

Существует несколько версий. Одна гласит, что раннехристианская, первая церковь стала возводиться в другом месте, но на утро никаких признаков строительства не было обнаружено. Фундамент за ночь был перенесен в другое место. Обескураженные местные жители решили проследить, что за чудеса творятся с постройкой и увидели, что ночью сонм ангелов спустился с небес и отстроил церковь необыкновенной красоты и изящества.

According to one of the legends, Virgin Mary came to this place and desired to build here a church. But there was noone to help her. Then angels came and built Angeloktisti.

В переводе название церкви обозначает “Построенная ангелами”.

The rare mosaic was hidden under the paint to save it from destruction. Only in 1952 it appeared again.

You may ask Virgin Mary anything:

  • family harmony, marriage and pregnancy

  • healing and health

  • help to relatives

  • studying and business

  • safe traveling

  • о поддержке военнослужащих и их защите

  • financial issues

  • law issues

  • а также обо всем, что сейчас у вас на сердце.

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If more than 10 days have passed after the trip, and you still haven't got the report, please feel free to write to me.

Possible reasons:

- you wrote your email with a misprint

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In any case, please write to me. I will send the video again.

How much does it cost to send a Note to the Church?

There is no fix price for the Note. Everyone donates to the project as much as they could afford.

Part of the donations I leave in the sacred places of power where I travel to. Part of them goes to the charitable foundation by Xeniya Bezuglova "Everything is Possible". This fund helps people with disorders to live happier lives. «Возможно ВСЁ», который помогает людям с инвалидностью, часть средств идут на расходы проекта.

Если у вас нет возможности перевести любую сумму, то вы можете оформить послание в разделе «Особые просьбы». Там не нужно ничего оплачивать. Я верю, в закон взаимообмена энергий: поэтому сделайте взамен доброе дело тому, кому это сейчас необходимо из вашего окружения.

How to formulate your Sacred Note

1.Write in the state of love and gratitude

2.There`s no limit to the quantity of your wishes. Write as many as you want to. Both, big dreams and small desires matter.

3.Be grateful! Everyone`s got something to thank for. Write about it in your Note.

4.Focus on something you want to come true, but not something you want to get rid of. Example: "I want to become wealthy and prosperous" instead of "I want to get rid of debts and loans".

5. At the end don't forget to add "In case it would be good for me and people around"

6. Think carefully what you truly wish for. If you want to get married, don't wish to become wife of one particular person. The Universe knows betterm which way to lead you to your dreams. Example: "I want to become a happy wife and beloved mother with a reliable man" instead of "I want to get married to John Johnson".

7.Let yourself dream, even when your wish seems unreal. There is nothing impossible. Hundreds of wishes have come true at my project, and many more are about to come.

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