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All the amulets are sanctified in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

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    Red Israeli strings is a strong amulet against any evil

    Thanks to the red strings lots of wishes have already come true.

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    Why the string is red?

    The tradition goes back to ancient times when red was the color that could scare away all the evil around

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    The wool (material of which the string is made) is a symol of 'bhina'- a special protective cover that was given to Adam

    Привлекая позитивную энергетику, красные нити способствуют исполнению желаний, помогают обрести и сохранить любовь, поддерживают в самореализации, творчестве, поиске вдохновения. Это — не просто ценный подарок с душой, но и защита ваших любимых и близких на каждый день.

According to the old tradition the string ties somebody who you love and trust. Though you may tie it yourself.

The string on the right hand helps to become stronger and more successful

The string on the left wrist protects from the evil eye.

Concentrate on the positive thoughts. Make a wish while tying.

The red string should be tied by 7 knots.

The person who is tying the string should read a special prayer (it will be in the parcel with the string). Any other prayer is also possible.

Don't worry! It's a good sign. It means that your wish is about to come true. The broken string is better to put in soil or burn.

It's out of the question all the amulets are sanctified in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

This amulet doesn't relate to any religion. It's the symbol of faith in the Miracle and Joy.

Если вы опасаетесь порицания священнослужителей в храмах, просто рекомендую скрывать обереги под рукавами одежды. Красная нить, кстати, есть и на христианских иконах Благовещения, изображающих Богородицу с веретеном и красной пряжей в руках. Из этой пряжи Богоматерь соткала одежду, призванную защищать ее сына, Иисуса Христа.

Every day I receive numbers of letters from you with the words of gratitude to the red strings. They help you to fulfill your dreams!

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