Church of Saint Cyprian and Justina. Cyprus

Requests of health and healing. The relics of the saints save from "evil eye".
спасают от порчи, наветов и дурного сглаза

Храм Киприана
и Иустинии. Кипр

Просьбы об исцелении.
Мощи святых спасают
от порчи, наветов
и дурного сглаза

К сожалению, заявки больше не принимаются.


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In the small village of Menico, not far from Nikossia, the capital of Cyprus there is an amazing place: the Church of Saint Cyprian and Justina. Pilgrims from all over the world come here to worship these two great saints, whose story demonstrated the greatness and power of the true faith.

According to legend, Cyprian was a pagan wizard. According to one of the legends, one rich man asked him to bewitch the beautiful Justina. But the modest girl didn`t succumb to the spell of Cyprian, because she remained faithful to Jesus. The magician saw the willpower and faith of Justina, abandoned his devilish deeds and was baptized. Soon the pagans subjected Cyprian and Justina to cruel tortures so that they would renounce the faith, and then executed.

Since ancient times, miracles have been noticed on their graves: people have been healed while approaching them.

The relics of the saints were transferred back to Cyprus from Syria in the 13th century, and since that time they have brought grace here. Pilgrims come to Menico to ask for healing of bodily or mental diseases. The relics also save from the evil eye.

Miracles happen

Video reports help to feel the power of the Church of Saint Cyprian and Justina

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How much does it cost to send a Note to the Lonesome Poplar?
в Храм Киприана и Иустинии?

Part of the donations I leave in the sacred places of power where I travel to. Part of them goes to the charitable foundation by Xeniya Bezuglova "Everything is Possible". This fund helps people with disorders to live happier lives. «Возможно ВСЁ», который помогает людям с инвалидностью, часть средств идут на расходы проекта.

Если у вас нет возможности перевести любую сумму, то вы можете оформить послание в разделе «Особые просьбы». Там не нужно ничего оплачивать. Я верю, в закон взаимообмена энергий: поэтому сделайте взамен доброе дело тому, кому это сейчас необходимо из вашего окружения.

How to formulate your Sacred Note

1.Write in the state of love and gratitude

2.There`s no limit to the quantity of your wishes. Write as many as you want to. Both, big dreams and small desires matter.

3.Be grateful! Everyone`s got something to thank for. Write about it in your Note.

4.Focus on something you want to come true, but not something you want to get rid of. Example: "I want to become wealthy and prosperous" instead of "I want to get rid of debts and loans".

5. At the end don't forget to add "In case it would be good for me and people around"

6. Think carefully what you truly wish for. If you want to get married, don't wish to become wife of one particular person. The Universe knows betterm which way to lead you to your dreams. Example: "I want to become a happy wife and beloved mother with a reliable man" instead of "I want to get married to John Johnson".

7. Разрешайте себе мечтать, даже если кажется, что это нереально. Кто сказал??? Знаете, сколько нереальных событий уже случилось — более 27000 !!!

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