Western Wall

With any subjects and requests.
It helps people of all faiths.

Western Wall

With any subjects and requests.
It helps people of all faiths.

The next trip`s on March 10th.

The messages`sre accepted until 06:00 a.m. (utc:3) March 9th.


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Western Wall has been a symbol of faith and hope for centuries for many people.

Worshipers can be found near the Western Wall at any time of the day. Millions of tourists from all over the world come to Jerusalem to see Western Wall and leave a note asking God between the stones of the Western Wall every year.

Twice a year, Rabbi Rabinovich, the chief rabbi of the Western Wall and holy places, and his assistants collect the notes (messages) left in the Western Wall and bury them in the Jewish cemetery on Ar azeitim (Mount of Olives).

You might say this is a place for Jews only. But millions of people completely of all faiths from all over the world come there. For comfort, inspiration and miracles.

Even the Pope and presidents of different countries brought their notes and requests here.

Everyone who was near Western Wall is amazed at the atmosphere next to it. I would like to call it the Western Wall of power, inspiration and tranquility.

Wonders happen

Video reports can help to feel the power of Western Wall

Watch the examples of the video reports.

You`ll recieve by mail (that you specified during registration) a video report in 2-10 days after the trip. Be sure to check your spam folder, sometimes they went there.

If you haven`t received a report more than 10 days after the trip, be sure to write to us (feedback form at the site).

Possible reasons:

— you filled up the email with a mistake

— the letter went to the spam folder

— you`re checking the wrong mail

In any case, be sure to write and we will send the video report again.

How many does the message to Western Wall cost?

It there not the fix cost, because everyone donates to the project as much as he can and wants.

A part of money I donate in the holy places, a part I donate to the to Kseniya Bezuglova`s charitable foundation «All`s possible», where disabled get help.

If you can`t donate right now, you can make a message at the «Special requests». You hasn`t pay there. I believe in the energy exchange law, so make a good dead to someone around you.

How should you formulate a message to Western Wall?

1.Write from ones heart, with love.

2.There`s not limit on the wishes, you can send so much messages, as you want. The small & big wishes are significant.

3.Be sure to thank! Everyone`s got something for thanks.

4.Focus on something you want it`s realize, not something must end. For example: wrong — «I want to get rid of something», right — «I want to get, recieve»…

5.Complete at the end: «If it`s good for me (her, him, them)»

6. Think carefully what your true wish is. For example, to het married with «Vanya», or become a happy wife, will be loving, trusting, respectful…and so on. And there☝️will be decided with «Vanya» or not with Vanya.

7.Allow yourself to dream, even it seems it`s unreal. How`s said so? Do you know, how many unreal cases happened? It`s more, than 12 000!

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