Notes into the Western Wall in Jerusalem, candles and red strings online
The dreams of Israel
with Zhenya Belova
Notes into the Western Wall in Jerusalem,
candles and red strings online
The dreams of Israel with Zhenya Belova
Notes into the Western Wall in Jerusalem, candles and red strings online
Note to the Western Wall
The unique features of this site:
- Any subjects or requests
- Beyond religion. This place of Power helps people of all faiths

The next trip is scheduled for 23th March.
Applications are accepted until 22th March, 10 p.m

For centuries, the Western Wall has been the symbol of faith and hope for many people. One can see people praying near the Wall at any time of day or night. Every year millions of tourists from all over the world arrive in Jerusalem to see the Western Wall and leave a note with a request to the Almighty between the stones of the Wall.

Twice a year, Rabbi Rabinovitch—Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Holy Sites of Israel—and his assistants collect the notes left in the Wall and bury them in Har Hazeitim, the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives.


Specify the sum you see fit—depending on your financial possibilities and the power of your wish—clicking through the “Place a note into the Western Wall” link

I take notes to Jerusalem as they pile up (normally once or twice a month), since I live within 160 km from the city.

After placing the note, I will send you a report to the email address you provide when transferring the funds.

Sample reports

Blessed amulets from Jerusalem
Parcels are sent every Thursday
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
How much is to send a message to the Wailing Wall or other holy places in Israel?

I am often asked what would be the best sum to transfer. There is no fixed price for my services, since individuals may transfer any sum depending on their power of wish and how much they can afford to pay. 

Part of the financial means is donated to the Church where I leave your messages, part is transferred to the charity foundation @ksenia_bezuglova @vozmozhnovse_foundation, and part covers expenses. 

If for some reason you are unable to transfer any money at all, you may register your Note in the Special Requests section of our website. In this case you don’t need to enter the card number. Yet, I believe in the law of conservation of energy, and therefore I am convinced that if one wants to receive something, one should also give something. Thus, you may thank me back by any other, non-monetary means or do good to those individuals in your environment who currently need it. 

And if you thank me financially but feel that the sum is incommensurable with the power of your wish, while you cannot afford to give more, you can in addition do good to someone else. I am sure that would enhance your message. I’ll explain what I mean. If a person asks for something but internally believes that he or she gives less than asks for, this may be detrimental to the person, and I would not wish to take part in that destructive process. That is why I think it important to ask for the highest equivalent value inwardly perceived by an individual.

A person may have a very important dream, but although 5$ is now a tremendously large sum, this person remits the money, while for another person 300$ rubles is a minor amount, so he remits 300$. In fact, the one who remitted 5$ and, which is a big plus, also did good to some other person made a greater contribution to the dream. After you have done a good deed, direct all the energy brought about by the sensation of your kind action to your imaginary target—your dream.

What is the correct way to write a wish?

I’ll share with you how I make wishes, ask for something, etc. You may make use of my ideas or not. There are lots of other ways. Who said what is the right and best way for us?!?! 

1. Fear your wishes!))) For example, when I express a wish to marry “Ivan Ivanovich,” I may not know if I am going to be happy and loved in this marriage. Wouldn’t it be better to ask for marriage and those feelings and emotions I want to experience in this marriage? Then, it makes no difference whom specifically I get as a husband. If I want a house, I ask for a dwelling, which would give me a feeling of comfort, spaciousness, protection and happiness, and where my children would be comfortable, happy and so on. Thus the question about whether the house should be big or not stands no longer. Sometimes one feels lonely and unhappy in a big house. Then, what is more important—the floor space or our emotional state? The Universe knows better what we need to experience conceived emotions. 

2. If I really need, I specify some additional information, such as a house of such-and-such a size, in such-and-such a place, by such-and-such a date, IF THIS IS FOR THE BENEFIT OF MY FAMILY OR FOR MY PERSONAL BENEFIT. 3. When asking for good health, I say: May the person in question get well or feel relief and peace. 

4. I do not use negative particles, like NOT be ill, NOT drink alcohol, and so on. I think of gaining rather than losing something. The Universe does not hear the particle NOT. 

5. When wring a note, I imagine myself in the moment when the wish has fulfilled. What do I see? What emotions am I experiencing? What smells am I feeling? I become filled with that and start to write. 6. And at the very beginning I unfailingly give thanks for everything I have. I do it wholeheartedly!

Where and how to tie a red string?

Ask a close person to tie the red string around your left wrist and secure it with seven knots while saying a prayer aloud. At the same time you should inwardly pronounce your sincere wish. The ends may be cut off. If the string breaks, it means it has had its day. Dig it in the ground or put it in the flowing water.

How to use 33 candles properly?

You can use 33 candles as follows: 

1. Each time light the whole bundle of 33 candles, then light any other candle from the bundle and put out the bundle with a cap or in water. Now you can use the candle you lit. 2. You may also use individual candles from.

2. You may also use individual candles from the bundle, but in this case you will not be able to transfer the power of fire to other candles. Put these candles for what you need: health, request or gratitude; you can also cleanse your home by walking through it with a candle.

Delivery time for strings, candles and amulets

I usually send parcels every Thursday, but when they pile up, I have to dispatch them a few times a week. The parcel normally arrives within 10–14 days. However, by law the post office has a right to deliver within a month. Upon dispatching the items, I inform you of your order number to track your parcel. If you fail to receive your order number within three days from the date of dispatch (next Thursday), be sure to contact us via the support box—a blue circle in the bottom right corner of the screen.

I did not receive a video report

Having accomplished my trip, I forward a video report within 2—7 days. Unfortunately, loading, sorting and sending reports is a time-consuming process, and I greatly appreciate the valuable help of my assistant Ofelia.

Who is Zhenya Belova

I was born in Moscow on 1 January 1987. I have been a leader since childhood. I used to appear a lot on television and was a presenter on the NTV channel at 10 years old. I graduated from school externally with all excellent marks except one “good” in physics. I never practiced singing but was very fond of it, although I had no ear for music whatsoever. That, however, did not stop me from trying to take part in every singing competition. I was said no, but that did not prevent me from going on))). I was engaged in dancing for 16 years.

I spent most part of my childhood with my grandmother in the country near Mozhaisk. There I herded and milked cows, cleaned the barn, split firewood, fired the stove—actually, I took rural skills in with mother's milk))). I studied at a drama school but decided not to wreck my family life, and, although I was one of the best students in my year, I switched over to studying tourism and completed a university course with distinction. I got married and began working as a host on the TNT channel in the program “Moscow: Instruction for Use.” I wrote, invented, shot and acted out funny informative stories.

In 2008 the program was cancelled, and for 7 years I was a freelance photographer and video operator and learned to assemble videos in a professional way. At the same time, I was bringing up my children and building a house within 3 km from Moscow (what is more, there was no money, but, against the odds, all my problems were timely solved). It was the time when I rented a storage facility and began setting up the Zdravstvuy (Be Well) Children’s Health Centre for “special” and healthy kids, for which purpose I spent the 30,000 roubles I got as a birth grant for the delivery of my second child. There is a video about the Centre in the profile header of the site. I was awarded the title of the Best Business Person of the Year in Russia. I became the winner of a number of business and charity contests. I also won the title of Miss Dolgoprudny.

I led an active social life being a member of the Civic Chamber of Moscow Oblast. I was even suggested to become a deputy of the Moscow Oblast Duma, but I chose not to do it. 😅. I took part in Modny Prigovor (Fashion Verdict) and Fazenda TV shows. Then I filed for divorce with my husband: I got tired of the relationship, as we confused male and female roles. In my post-marriage life I commenced working on my female role. Now my ex and I are on friendly terms, and I get along well with his first and present wives. We communicate and cooperate))). After the divorce I moved to a rented flat. A year later I took my children to Israel for a couple of weeks and, to my own surprise, stayed there for good having just one suitcase. The first year in Israel became an enormous trial for me.

I lost a lot. To begin with, I went through several betrayals, then my best friend died in childbirth, a week later I was deprived of my Center and left with a debt as high as RUB 12 million. I was alone in a foreign country… I found myself in a terrible plight I had to learn how to survive. I pulled myself together. Now everything is going well, and I am happy ❤️😃. I am cherished, I am again engaged in my favourite business. My childhood dreams are fulfilling: for example, I have started to study singing. I guess I have considerably grown up, although I still believe in Santa Claus and miracles. 😋. And I also have you, who inspire my undertaking, because I hear from you that it renders great support to a lot of people. Such is my history in brief.)))

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